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1980 Interest rates 11 3/4% to 25% in Santa Cruz County

This is my first mortgage calculator booklet showing 1980 interest rates in Santa Cruz County. The low was 11 3/4% and went up to 25%! I sold real estate then and still do today.

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Easter Island Statues May Have Walked into Place

From the Guardian, a fascinating theory about how the Easter Island statues may have been positioned.

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Vintage Photo: Arch Rock, West Cliff Dr.

This vintage photo is of Arch Rock on West Cliff Dr, Santa Cruz.

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Tsunami Signs In Santa Cruz

Tsunami signs in Santa Cruz at E. Cliff Dr and 7th Ave.

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History Of Interest Rates

History of interest rates: The interest rate on my first house in Felton Grove was only 14% in 1982.

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How To Handle Stress Like A Dog

If you can’t eat it or play with it, then pee on it and walk away. Wisdom from my 86 year old step father in-law.

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Vintage Photo: Santa Cruz Casino And Beach

Here’s a great vintage photo of the Casino and Beach in Santa Cruz, California.

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Vintage Photo: Lady And Dog 1890’s

This photo was generously donated by Toni Thompson. I found it sweet, but also a bit sad.  

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