Santa Cruz: 1955 Flood

These comments came on another blog I have that has a lot more about the floods in Santa Cruz County. The 2 other blogs I have focus more on Felton flooding during several floods, including 1955, 1982, 1998, etc. Great photos too.

  • Vicki Wees

Kerry Jeanotte The really bad flood was xmas eve , 55 our friend’s xmas.floated down the river changed Santa Cruz forever. Lucky we lived on valley drive

Felton Grove
Felton Grove About 30 years ago an old friend, Tom Leonard, told me he remembers being a kid in Santa Cruz in the ’55 flood and his dad, who was a cop, was out helping people. Tom went out to try and find his dad and the water was so high on, I think he said Pacific Ave, that he was hanging on for dear life to the parking meters, being pushed by the rising flood waters from one pole to the next. How scary!
My other three local blogs with great flooding photos and stories:
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