Ben Lomond: Reader Question. Can You Help?

Can anyone help Steve identify this particular location? Thanks!

Old Swimming Hole

  • Steve
  • Apr 6 at 10:47 AM
  • Vicki Wees
Hi Vickie,

I learned to swim at an old swimming hole in the late 1950s.  I believe it was between Ben Lomond, either on the San Lorenzo River or on one of its tributaries.  The spot had a very small sandy beach where you could walk into the water.  (The water at the dam in Ben Lomond was too deep for a small kid like me to safely learn how to swim.)

The swimming hole beach was small as there was a smooth rock wall that served as its border.  I recall that there might have been a shallow wall in the water on the right side of the swimming hole.  On the opposite side of the beach there was a rope swing hung on a large tree with lots of exposed roots where you can stand and grab a hold of the rope.

We used to park on a residential street and walk a few hundred yards to get to the swimming hole.  We were very disappointed when some homeowners built fences which blocked the trail.

Do you or your readers remember that swimming hole?  Does anyone have a vintage photo of it?  Thanks!  –Steve

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