Family Trip To Santa Cruz – 1937 and 1938

Here is a link to a youtube video of a family trip to Santa Cruz in 1937 and 1938:

Posted by SCC Pioneers, a local film archive group. They say:

“A Mattos family trip to Santa Cruz along Highway 17 in 1937 transitions into another visit to Santa Cruz in ’38. Note roadsigns for Aptos, San Jose and Santa Cruz. In Santa Cruz, speedboats, the Giant Dipper, the pier, a stage show and other attractions entertain the crowd on Easter, celebrated with an annual egg hunt in the sand. Take a ride on the Giant Dipper – just as thrilling as it is today! On the ride back to San Jose, the familiar turns of the highway are still there today – and not much wider – but don’t you wish the traffic was always this light?

Music is “Nashville Nightingale” by the Charleston 7.

Thanks to donor Edith Walters for this fantastic film. The Pioneers Film Archive is the only dedicated film archive of Santa Clara County films, from newsreels to home movies. We’re always looking for more films to share and preserve , and if you donate your historic California home movies to us, we’ll gladly give you a digital copy of them FREE! Email us at for details or let us know where we might find some more historic footage. Our films are exhibited in museum, documentaries, television programs and of course online. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and are dedicated to preserving the history of the Golden State. Thanks for watching!”

The above was written by the SCC Pioneers.

Thanks for sending me this link, Lara! It’s AWESOME!!!

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