Learning To Read Maps

Felton map, Roaring Camp areaI am currently teaching my 6 year old granddaughter how to read maps (“I’m almost 7, Grama”). First, I printed out a map that included her house and mine. Since we both live in Felton, that was easy. Then I highlighted the roads and taught her the names of the streets and which way we turn (“Now we turn left onto Graham Hill Rd.” or “Now we cross Highway 9”). Recently I showed her that if you’re coming from Santa Cruz to Felton via Graham Hill Rd. you can turn right onto Roaring Camp Rd., then left on Conference Dr. Then magically, you’re back on Graham Hill Rd. She thought that was pretty cool and wants to go that way again. I LOVE maps, but I’m not good at reading them. Teaching her about maps is really fun. Pretty soon she’ll be giving ME directions! She’s already learning that I sometimes say “we’re turning right here” while I’m pointing left. Now she knows to follow my finger.

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