Disaster Diary – Love Creek Slide 1982

1982 Love Creek Slide, Ben Lomond

I will never forget walking up to the Love Creek area after the big slide in 1982, As I walked up and down the deserted streets it was eerie. Here was a whole neighborhood of homes, but no people.No kids playing or dogs parking. No cars driving by. Not a sound.

There was a bicycle leaning against a tree as if it’s rider would be right back. I saw a kids Hot Wheels in front of a house as if he’d just been called in for lunch.

A couple of cars were still parked in their driveways, but not a soul anywhere. As I walked around the hill I saw what was left of a house that had slid. The remains were held up by a tree in it’s path.

In many areas where I walked, it looked like the residents had just left for a few minutes and would be right back. The damaged homes showed the real tragedy. People had died here, buried under mud and debris. Some were never found. A whole neighborhood was gone in an instant, never to return.

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